Friday, March 30, 2012



Dear sickness,

Last week on Friday I started to feel better from last weeks sickness. I was good through the weekend, and then BAM, you snuck up on me again and have had me down and out the last few days. I am starting to feel better again, and this time I hope you are gone for good.
pale, fatigue, red nose, and horrible voice is NOT a good look.

Dear Nyquil,
Thank you. I slept well these past 2 nights because of you.

Dear blog friends,
Still accepting free button swaps for April :)
let me know.
and of course, dont forget to enter in the GIVEAWAY

Dear bridal guest posters,
THANK YOU all so much for being part of my little series.
I loved all of your posts! If you havent read them, check them out.

I will be having another series around wedding time :)

Dear summer,

you are right around the corner. Groom man is already talking about a possible trip to Lake Havasu. I would like one of these.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Dear Groom,
Almost 5 months to go.
Cant wait to be your wifey.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. hope you start to feel better!! Summer IS right around the crazy!

  2. Fun letters! :) 5 months till the wedding, that's crazy! It'll go by so fast, I bet! Glad to have found your blog through Friday Letters. :)

  3. LOVED your letters! FEEL BETTER :)

  4. Is lake Havasu the one that has rainbow bridge? Does that sound right? Anyway, I can't WAIT for summer to arrive!
    And such a bummer you keep getting sick. That is the WORST!

  5. LOVE that picture of you guys!

  6. i can't get over how cute you two are!

  7. Love this post! I hope you starting feeling better soon! How exciting - only five months to go yay!!

  8. I love this last picture, I literally said AWWWW out loud haha hope you're having a good weekend!



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